Facebook’s Phonebook Fiasco by batterieschargersale

Who are all these people, and what are their cellphone quantities executing on my Facebook contacts page? which is the query I am now asking.

I have 987 Facebook friends, a few of whom I in reality know. Compaq AC Adapter A handful of them are on my Android phone. Most, if not all, in the contacts within my cellular cellphone are now outlined in Facebook – as well as quantities for stuff such as the pizza joint affordable the street, which does not possess a Facebook page.

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  • 4 Reasons to Worry about Privacy on Facebook

You know how it goes on Facebook – somebody you don’t know asks to be your friend, you look over their friends list, decide they probably aren’t an axe murderer or a Tea Party member, and you say Yes, because Facebook is a fairly low risk, low maintenance connection. And if they prove to be truly annoying you can always block or defriend them later.

The vast majority of these people did not voluntarily give me their phone numbers.Canon Digital Camera Battery Some probably would if I asked, others might decline. But Facebook just gave me all their numbers – no questions asked. Apparently it’s because they elected to share their contact information with the world, so Facebook took the next step and added their info to my list.

Want to see for yourself? Launch Facebook, click Account and then Edit Friends, then select Contacts from the menu on the left. You should see a long list of profile pictures with phone numbers attached.

My Facebook phonebook: Who are all these people?

It gets weirder. There are also people whom I do not know, who are not in my Android phone’s contact list, with whom I share no connection whatsoever and have no friends in common, who are in my Facebook phone book. Now Facebook is asking if I want to friend them. I have no idea why.

And some of them are minors.

Wait, it gets weirder still. As regular readers of TY4NS may remember, I have a few Facebook alias accounts that I use for testing. None of these have their own cell phones or contact lists, so I never imported any contacts to them. Yet these accounts also display the phone numbers of everyone in their respective friends’ lists. So despite what Facebook’s contacts page says, this has nothing to do with using Facebook’s mobile app.

As Swiss developer Kurt Von Moos points out, Facebook has been syncing mobile contacts this way for some time. I’d just never clicked the contacts page before.

He writes: … with neither your knowledge or consent, [Facebook will] import ALL the names and phone numbers FROM your phone’s address book and upload them to your Facebook Phonebook app … on Facebook.com, thus storing your private contact numbers on Facebook‘s servers. Once your phone is synced , Facebook will attempt to match the newly uploaded phone numbers to users that have listed the same phone number on their Facebook profile, whether you are friends with them or not.

Why exactly is Facebook storing all of those numbers on its servers? Toshiba AC Adapter That’s a good question.

The problem: Many people give everyone on Facebook access to their contact information and may not even be aware of it. Freelance coder Tom Scott has created a Web app (called “Evil”) that randomly displays phone numbers unsuspecting Facebook users have made public, along with their profile picture. He blocks out the last three digits of each one, but they are visible on Facebook itself.

My advice: Stop sharing your phone number on Facebook. You can go to Facebook’s Remove Imported Contacts Page to delete the numbers of your friends (though when I tried to do that with one of my dummy accounts, it didn’t do a damned thing). You can go into your Account/Privacy settings, click Customize settings, and change access to your Contact Information so only select people can see your number. Or you can just delete your digits from Facebook and be done with it.

Would you just hand your phone number to a random stranger in a bar or on the street? Probably not. So why are you doing that on Facebook?

TY4NS blogger Dan Tynan’s Facebook phone number is literally a Facebook phone number; don’t dial it unless you enjoy getting an earful of fax noise.

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How to decide on A Cloud storage space Provider: Availability

In a current entry we discussed what safety skills you must begin searching for in a really cloud storage space provider. even although safety is important, getting in a location to acquire for the information is equally imperative. to create matters worse, several cloud storage space companies are somewhat sketchy in what level of availability they will commit to. knowing that which you can anticipate away from your provider–and how you need to HP dv8000 battery augment that–is critical.

Understanding the availability you need is very important for that reason that in most instances the level of availability you have straight impacts the worth you pay. Typically, the a whole whole lot more copies of information that you just store in completely different components in the cloud, the a whole whole lot more it’s steering to cost.

To a tremendous extent, how supplied you need cloud storage space getting is determined by how you are steering to create utilization of it. If you’re producing utilization of cloud storage space as an offsite vault for the backups and you also are also preserving some or the majority of your backups onsite, HP dv2000 battery then 100% availability might not be that large of the concern. If you’re producing utilization of cloud storage space since the important thing location for the backups, even using a nearby cache of some sort, then entry to that information for recovery may be critical.

If you’re steering to create utilization of cloud storage space for key storage, then availability is a whole whole lot more important, especially with block-based storage space solutions. NAS or file-based options usually retain probably the most recently accessed data in a really local, on-premises cache. That implies that once the cache is of satisfactory dimension you can nonetheless get for the most recently accessed data until the cloud help is backed up. obstruct is a whole whole lot more arbitrary in nature, so it’s tougher to predict especially in which the subsequent entry can be and, if an aged obstruct of information can’t be accessed, the app may crash.

The two situations in which availability is very important are possibly steering to be: when you’re counting on cloud storage space as your key backup storage space area and when you’re producing utilization of cloud storage space to store key block-based storage. Cloud storage space like a NAS storage space area may be considered a near third.

Increased availability can come in two forms. HP dv1000 battery The first can be to use the basic services from two different cloud suppliers. This gives you redundancy, not only in a cloud storage failure, but also protects you in case one of the organizations goes out of business. This means your cloud storage software or application needs to be able to support writing to two clouds simultaneously. For most organizations, though, the cost is not going to be practical to have two cloud storage providers.

The next option is to invest in a cloud storage provider that can provide some level of redundancy. This is not limited to just redundant copies of storage spread around the Internet, but also a redundant means of accessing that data. As stated above, extra copies will typically mean extra money. The pricing for these extra copies can vary greatly, so check out the details.

Many providers can deliver a multi-copy level of redundancy, but the key is to make sure that they will provide a service level agreement to stand behind that commitment. Beyond the SLA, make sure that the organization has the capabilities to fulfill the commitments in that SLA, otherwise they are just words on a page. Look to make sure they have quality storage systems, quality data centers,HP 7400 battery and quality network connections–and of course the financial wherewithal to stand behind all that.

Also understand exactly what is being committed to. Some providers offer a complete, full-service responsibility; others still put much of the burden on you. Several cloud vendors are now providing a turnkey service where they will manage the redundancy and connectivity for you. Of course there is a fee for this service, but it may be well worth it, especially if your IT resources are already stretched thin.

The final step in availability is to know what you will do when a failure occurs. Don’t wait for a network or cloud storage failure to figure out your strategy. HP 530 battery Plan for it. Make sure that you know how you will connect to the redundant copies or how you will switch to a local copy if you decide to go that route.


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Evaluating Cloud Vendors: The Ecosystem Matters by goodbattery

It’s axiomatic that in app of any complexity, the ecosystem of plug-in products, tools, compatible APIs, and developer online community can turn into undoubtedly important. In particular app product categories, the significance belonging for the ecosystem can swamp any trait advantage that an upstart product may possibly have, top to what economists phone a natural and organic monopoly.

This doesn’t apply to all product categories, though. And in very mature technologies, it is possible to unseat the established leader’s ecosystem with a “good enough” substitute. Think “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” and then think Linux, Open Source, and Google docs.

But if you look at cloud computing, there’s no part of it that could be called “very mature.” The argument can be made that the cloud is all based on Web services, so the ecosystem doesn’t matter as much as it did with traditional software. But that argument is naïve, at best: at the detail level, cloud vendors’ APIs are proprietary, and learning curves can be quite steep. And that ain’t gonna change.

So the number of tools, plug-ins, and developers can really matter when evaluating cloud vendors. Where in the clouds is the ecosystem critically important? The general characteristics of these segments are:

• Technical platforms, such as integration, logging, development, or deployment

• Social Networking platforms — the usual suspects

• Advertising and gaming networks — the usual suspects

• Commerce platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, or PayPal

• Services that are toolkits disguised as applications, such as Google or Salesforce.com

For cloud vendors that span two or more of these characteristics, there’s a doubling of the ecosystem’s impact. The valuation of Facebook and LinkedIn doesn’t come just from the number of eyeballs.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are lots of cloud services where the ecosystem isn’t critically important, such as e-mail, storage, news feeds, or photo sharing. And certain kinds of cloud apps such as invoicing, banking, or HR can get away with just a couple of connectors to popular accounting packages.

Measuring the Size and Quality of the Ecosystem

In any vendor competition, there’s the stuff that counts and there’s noise. The same goes with the ecosystem. For example, Microsoft can probably claim the most APIs of any vendor, the largest developer community, the most plug-in products, and the most consultants. But almost none of that applies to the cloud at this point, and nobody thinks they have the strongest cloud ecosystem.

So the first part of measuring the strength of the vendor’s ecosystem is clearing away all the obvious marketing chaff. Next step is to look only at the part of the ecosystem that’s relevant to the cloud service you will actually be using. What remains still needs to be vetted, as there will plenty of obsolete or uninteresting “information” about the ecosystem. For example, you may find 100 vendors who are nominally partners, but if only 20 of them are in your country and you’ve never heard of them before, some additional scrutiny is warranted. Likewise, you may find lots of partner products and services that may not have been updated in a long time. A strong ecosystem has vendors who have not only been there a while, but have released several versions of their products or services. If the ecosystem has a vendor ranking and rating system (Salesforce.com’s AppExchange is a great example of this), look for the quality and recency of customer feedback.

The two major axes for measuring the ecosystem are products and people. In my experience, the number of people committed to the ecosystem is more important in the long run than the product. If there is plenty of demand and a good supply of practitioners, the plug-in and add- on products will be forthcoming.

Handicapping the Early Scramble

It can be tricky to evaluate cloud vendors when the category is in its early days and there is no clear winner, either in features or ecosystem. If the cloud category you’re looking at is strongly impacted by ecosystem effects listed above, you need to gauge:

• Current size and growth rate of developer community

• Relative happiness of the developer community (as indicated by posts into the community forums, number of job/consulting openings, etc.)

• Size and growth of the number of plug-in products or services

• Number, quality, and profitability of vendors participating in the ecosystem

• Number, scope, quality, and documentation of relevant APIs

• The cloud vendor’s investment in the quality of the platform and the growth of the ecosystem

• Number of staff the cloud vendor has dedicated to that growth

This might seem like you’re a Wall Street analyst trying to predict the future. And in a way, you are–so it won’t hurt for you to see if any of them has opined on the vitality of the cloud vendors in the category you’re working with.

David Taber is the author of the new Prentice Hall book, “Salesforce.com Secrets of Success” and is the CEO of SalesLogistix, a certified Salesforce.com consultancy focused on business process improvement through use of CRM systems. SalesLogistix clients are in North America, Europe, Israel, and India, and David has over 25 years experience in high tech, including 10 years at the VP level or above.

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250GB Android tablet coming

Here’s a little something you can’t get with an iPad: 250GB of inner storage. Archos’ upcoming Android “Honeycomb” 3.2 tablet will pack a 250GB difficult disk generate that’s been tweaked to hold out additional like a flash drive.

Archos G9 combines a 250GB hard disk drive with a 4GB flash drive.Archos G9 combines a 250GB hard disk drive with a 4GB flash drive.

(Credit: Archos)

The Archos G9 will sport a 250GB Seagate Momentus Thin 2.5-inch hard drive–a mere 7 millimeters thick. Though not as compact as a 1.8-inch HDD (like Apple once used in its MacBook Air and iPod), it’s not as expensive either.

And Archos has tweaked the Seagate drive a bit to allow it to perform more like the flash drives found in practically all tablets today. 4GB of flash storage sits on top of the HDD, according to Craig TerBlanche, director of marketing for Archos in North America. Often-used data is stored in the flash component, allowing faster access than a standard 2.5-inch HDD, TerBlanche said.

All of this results in bigger bang for the buck. “You get 250GB for the same cost as a 32GB flash drive,” he said.

Another marquee feature is the 1.5GHz Texas Instruments OMAP 4460 dual-core processor. This is the same processor that Google has approved for upcoming Android Ice Cream Sandwich devices. That means consumers can expect to see a new wave of tablets and smartphones built around the TI 4460. But Archos will likely be one of the first, as those devices aren’t expected until late in the year.

The 8-inch 250GB Archos G9 will be $369.99 and the 10-inch 250GB model, $469.99. Both are due in September

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An App to create Your institution webpage Mobile-Friendly

Have you checked your company website to create how it appears on mobile phones and tablets? Unless it is been specifically coded for cellular devices, it might not actual appearance as well hot. in the extremely least, it could possibly phone for lots of pinching, zooming, and scrolling — a potential turnoff for the customers.

Don’t possess the time, knowledge, or options to create a cellular site? confirm out DudaMobile, a cost-free support that can help companies make their web-sites mobile-friendly.

It’s a simple five-step process. After typing in your company URL, you choose an app-like template for your site (DudaMobile offers a few dozen choices), then tweak various design elements like the header, background, navigation icons, and so on.

Next, you’re on to site features. A few, like Facebook and Twitter integration, are free, but most of them require a Premium account. For $9 a month, your options include making your mobile site ad-free, adding a click-to-call phone number, and using your own domain.

Finally, using a link provided by DudaMobile, you get a chance to preview your site on your phone. If everything looks good, you can go ahead and publish it — then set up a redirect so mobile users will automatically land on the new site.

Except for the name, I like everything about DudaMobile. It’s amazingly fast and easy, and very reasonably priced: a Premium account is a drop in the bucket compared with hiring an outside company to create a mobile version of your site.

However, depending on the nature of your existing site, it may not fare as well as you’d hoped after being DudaMobile-ized. For example, I tried it with BNET, and while the home page was easy enough to navigate, the various sub-sections and article pages were topped with a lot of header items, related links, and the like — stuff that should have appeared at the bottom (or not at all).

The service has the potential to save you time, money, and perhaps even customers. If you give DudaMobile a try, let us know how it worked for your site.

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Google+ Startup Beats Twitter, Facebook by batterieschargersale

Google+ is on the way terrific guns best out from the gate, using the website commencing out much far better than rivals Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace did.

Google+ , the interpersonal system yahoo and google introduced just greater than a four 1 week period ago, previously has even more than 25 million visitors, in accordance with Comscore, an internet site site visitors watcher.

Comscore stated Google+ strike the 25 million visitor mark just shy of its one-month birthday.

Meanwhile, Comscore notes that it took Facebook about 35 months to get 25 million visitors. It took Twitter more than 30 months and it took Myspace more than 20 months to reach the 25 million-user mark, Comscore added.

“I’m mainly trying to put Google+’s exceptional growth in context by showing that Facebook is today the clear market leader even though it took longer than all its key competitors to reach 25 million,” said Andrew Lipsman, a vice president at Comscore.

Lipsman added that at this point it’s unclear how many of those 25 million Google+ users are regular users of the site or are simply people curious to take a look at the new site.

“It’s hard to ignore the impressive growth numbers so far, but I think there are also many visitors who are still dipping their toes into the pool but not yet ready to dive in,” he said.

He also noted that Google+ is still in a field trial phase and that users can only join the social network by invitation.

Dan Olds, an analyst with The Gabriel Consulting Group, agreed that the Google+ numbers are impressive, but he added that they’re not surprising.

“Come on, they’ve got Google behind it,” said Olds. “The visitor count is probably a Compaq Laptop Battery combination of looky loos and actual users who are getting their profiles in shape.”

And he also noted that just because Google+ is out of the gate faster than Facebook and Twitter, there’s still a long way to go to usurp them.

“Facebook was the first truly mass market social network and, along with Myspace, was the pioneer,” said olds. “They were mostly unknown and had to build up their brand from the ground up. Google+ comes into an environment where social networking has a lot of mindshare and users, and it has the Google name attached to it and Google resources behind it. Its hit count should grow pretty quickly.”

The Comscore report noted that the U.S. leads in Google+ visitors with more than 6,440,000 from home and work computers (not from mobile devices). India comes in second with more than 3,600,000 Google+ users. Both Canada and the U.K. have had more than 1 million visitors and Spain rounds out the top 10 with more than 460,000.

And Comscore also pointed out that 63% of Google+ users are male.

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iPhone 5: Why rivals ought for getting worried

Rumours and Apple go jointly like summer time and baseball. They are practically inseparable. among the the prevailing Apple rumors most ideal now could possibly be the reality the fact that iPhone 5 will start sometime in September. If that rumor arrives true, smartphone rivals much better buckle up merely since it could possibly be considered a bumpy ride.

A current questionnaire found out that 35 % of purchasers plan to acquire an iPhone 5 when it gets readily available – and that is sight unseen without any standard confirmation of its type or features. That is as well huge a amount for getting simply dismissed as Apple fanboys just buying and selling their more mature iPhone for just about any new one.

With someplace within neighborhood of 300 million cellular business phone end users within United States, 35 % represents extra than 100 million end users anxious to grab an iPhone 5. With some estimates suggesting there are at current fifty million iPhone end users out there, Apple could double its marketplace reveal using the brand new model.

We already have the iPhone 4, and there are plenty of Android and Windows Phone 7 smartphones that are equivalent, and even superior in some ways. So, why is the iPhone 5 creating such a frenzy?

iPhone 3GS HoldoutsWhen the iPhone 4 Laptop Battery launched, there was a bit of controversy over the antenna, and the proximity sensor, and more. As successful as it has been, the initial stumbling of the iPhone 4 turned a lot of people off. Many iPhone 3GS users have held on to their trusty smartphone, and have waited patiently for the iPhone 5 to come along.

Verizon Holdouts When Verizon got the iPhone 4 earlier this year, it was a huge success. However, many Verizon customers chose not to jump on the iPhone 4 bandwagon because they didn’t want to get locked into a two-year contract with the iPhone 5 right around the corner. Many Verizon customers have sat on the sidelines waiting for the iPhone 5.

The Fall of RIM RIM is dropping like a rock. The once dominant smartphone provider is in a death spiral, and customers at the end of contracts with BlackBerry smartphones will be looking to jump ship and find an alternative. Some portion of disenfranchised BlackBerry users will migrate to the iPhone 5. Of course, the Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” devices should hit about the same time, and Microsoft’s mobile platform may draw more BlackBerry loyalists than Apple.

iOS 5 The upcoming release of the Apple mobile platform–iOS 5–introduces a variety of compelling features. Granted, many of the features introduced in iOS 5 already exist with rival platforms like Android, but the new functionality may attract users to the iPhone 5.

iCloudDespite perception to the contrary, many iPad owners don’t also own an iPhone. iCloud could change that. The automatic and seamless integration between iOS devices and a Mac or PC make a compelling case for using iOS on both the tablet and the smartphone.

There are a wide variety of awesome Android phones, so I don’t think Android as a whole needs to be concerned. However, Apple is already the number one smartphone manufacturer in the United States, and if demand meets expectations that gap could grow larger. On a platform level, iOS will probably still lag Android, but on a device level the iPhone 5 may annihilate the competition.

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Launches Two Motorola Phones by batterieshcarger

Sprint Nextel is founded to begin two Motorola Mobility smartphones this coming summer. the two firms are searching for methods to expand their business. Sprint desires new excellent mobile phones to acquire cut-throat with rival carriers even although Motorola is looking for new carrier customers most ideal after its largest purchaser Camera Battery Verizon started out providing Apple iPhone last February.

Sprint Launches Two Motorola PhonesThrough this move, Motorola wants to penetrate the enterprise customers and compete directly with Research In Motion. The two Motorola smartphones to be released through Sprint will run on Google Android platform.

The Motorola Photon 4G is the most advanced of the two smartphones. It is compatible with Sprint’s highest speed data service and features security options. It was designed for business users who are currently BlackBerry owners. Unlike other Sprint phones, the Photon can work overseas.

The Photon 4G has dual core Tegra 2 processor and has an accessory dock to transform the phone into a laptop, just like AT&T’s Atrix phone.

The Motorola Triumph is less powerful than the Photon 4G and its target market are the Virgin Mobile prepaid customers who don’t commit to long-term contracts.

The timing of the new releases from Sprint and Motorola is good because Apple is not expected to launch a new iPhone this summer. Apple is set to release the new iPhone in September at the earliest.

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SAP clubs Up With Google For mixed Map Data

SAP partnered with yahoo and google to allow its consumers to combine information using the lookup giant’s yahoo and google Maps to come about up finding a visual report on the broad range of institution conditions, which consist of bank loan danger by region, income by territory, or defaults by neighborhood. within your past, yahoo and google and SAP have presently collaborated to provide consumers the ability to input information on yahoo and google Maps within SAP Streamwork,Dell Inspiron 1720 battery Crystal Reports, and BusinessObjects Explorer interfaces. SAP Teams Up With Google For Combined Map Data

The older collaborations used publicly available Google Maps API. Through the new partnership, SAP customers will gain access to Google geospatial data as well as enjoy improved integration capabilities via private Google APIs.

Through the private APIs, SAP customers can upload and apply their own mapping information in areas that Google doesn’t have any geospatial data yet. This could allow an industrial complex, campus or a theme park to add more detailed information about the facilities. Private APIs usually provide better performance and version-control capabilities.

Data mapping applications are endless. Banks can make a map to see the trends and hot spots by neighborhood. Tax agencies can overlay revenue data from a SAP app with Google Maps to display income by county, state, city, or country. Telecom companies can map data on dropped calls to find out where the biggest capacity and antenna reception problem spots.

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Introduction of Google Introduces New Page-Speed Optimization Service

It doesn’t take much for Google to launch a new service, so it comes as no surprise that a new one is on its way. I’ve lost count, but I am sure Google is trending near at least one new service a month.

Google Introduces New Page Speed Optimization Service: Will It Fly?So what are the details for this new service? For a fee, Google will analyze your website, make recommendations on improving speed performance, and even host the site/page  on their servers. Google detractors and people who are just downright suspicious will wonder what Google is up to with this new offing. But Google is quick to assure businesses and other site owners however,laptop battery  that there are no ulterior motives—it’s just a service.

The question is: will it fly? There are hundreds of website optimization companies out there who do this sort of thing pretty cheaply. Google will no doubt have to make their service affordable. No-one is questioning their ability to deliver on the service; given the pool of talent Google can buy, speeding up a site should be a breeze. And given the marketing reach of Google, it should have no problem getting businesses to buy its new service.

There is however, one caveat. Sites that use the secure HTTP protocol won’t be able to access the service. Google hasn’t said whether this will change in the future, but experts are suggesting that because of the complexities (and security issues) involved, it may be a while before secure sites are catered for.

There will no doubt be more news to come regarding this new service, so far now all we can do is keep watch.

What will Google do next? Share your thoughts and possible predictions below in the comments.

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